A couple more version of Eric Paslay’s – She Don’t Love You She’s Just Lonely”

I’ve noticed a lot of people searching for this song, so I found two more videos for you.  The first is a fan created youtube version of the studio recording.

The second is a live version with Eric telling the story of how he and Jennifer Wayne wrote this song…

Survivor Season 28 Episode 9, “Sitting in my spy shack” – recap and analysis

survivor 28.9 survivor 28.9.1Recap

This episode begins in the aftermath of Tony, Woo, Spencer, Jeremiah and Tasha blindsinding LJ.  Tony explains why he hid this from his original alliance.  He then quickly reverts to his old majority alliance with Trish, Kass, Woo and Jefra.  Spencer indicates that he cannot plan around Tony and wants to vote him out as soon as possible.  There are now eight contestants remaining, with Tony’s majority alliance containing 5 members and Spencer’s minority group just 3.

Tony worries thinking he’s in danger.  He builds a makeshift “spy shack” by the water well.  Trish and Jefra walk by and Jefra expresses frustration with Tony.  Trish urges her to stay the course, saying that Tony deserves an academy award. Tony admits that he trusts, Woo, Kass, and Trish, but not Jefra, after hearing her statements.

The reward challenge involves two teams (purple and orange) launching canoes and grabbing oars at four floating boxes.  They must unattach all of the oars and bring them back to shore.  Each oar contains  letters, which two team members must use to spell out a Survivor phrase.  The reward is a barbecue lunch in a beautiful location.

The purple team conveniently contains the minority alliance plus Jefra and the orange includes the remainder of the majority alliance (Tony, Woo, Kass and Trish).  The purple team falls slightly behind in the collection of the oars but Tony makes things interesting by falling out of his canoe.  The orange team reaches the shore first and begins arranging their oars.  The purple team follows a bit behind.  They then have to untie all of their paddles before using them to form the three word phrase.  By the time both teams have set up their oars, it is essentially even.

They then begin trying to use the letters on the oars to form the winning three word phrase.  Kass and Woo work on it for orange while Spencer and Tasha for purple.  The former “brain” team members continue to dominate challenges.  Kass thinks she has it for orange, with the phrase “worth fighting for” but it is incorrect.  Spencer then thinks he has it and team orange assembles their paddles to spell “worth playing for”.  They have it right and orange wins reward!

Back at camp the losing tribe complains about the loss.  Kass indicates that she is tight with Tony.  Her philosophy is “keep the annoying people but get rid of the threats”.  Tony is frustrated that Trish doesn’t want to strategize but rather wants to search for lime and papaya.

Woo and Trish search for Papayas.  Woo climbs the tree to shake the fruit out of the tree.  He falls out of the tree as he tries to climb down.  He does not appear to be injured and carries on.  Woo expresses frustration that Jefra is with the minority alliance on the reward.  But he’s happy and would “break my ass for papaya’s any day”.  Tony is worried that their weakest link, Jefra is going to the minority alliance and frets over the group sharing the reward feast.

At the reward barbecue, teams are led by a guide into a massive cave with a large opening above them.  Below the opening a long wooden table is set with plates of delicious food.  Jefra expresses frustration with her alliance.  They all agree that Tony should be voted out first.  Jefra contemplates working with the minority alliance.  They then receive letters from home from their guide.  Jefra cries as she reads the letter from her mother.  Her mother tells her, “Don’t be afraid to lie”.  Jefra then agrees to switch sides and the group makes a “final four” alliance.

At the immunity challenge, individuals must balance a wooden ball on a small circular platform on top a long handle, also both made of wood.  They must hold the ball on the platform while standing on a balance beam.  In 10 minute intervals teams are moved down the balance beam, from thicker to thinner portions of the beam, making the task more difficult.

Most of the weaker players are out quickly.  Soon only Woo, Spencer and Tasha remain.  As they reach the thinnest portion, Woo drops out and only Spencer and Tasha are left.  Tasha outlasts Spencer and wins reward.

Back at camp, the negotiations begin for tribal counsel.  Jefra talks with her old alliance.  Tony then scrambles to find the idol.  He runs through camp in a desperate attempt to find the immunity idol with special powers. The clue indicated that idol could be found close to camp.  In the roots of large, landmark tree Tony pokes around and feels something hard in the dirt.  He digs down and finds the idol.

The special idol is just like a regular idol except for two important differences.  First, it can be played after the votes have been read at tribal counsel and second, only the person finding can use it.  It cannot be transferred.

Trish and Kass work Jefra over and she agrees to stay with them.  Kass repeats her theory that you don’t vote off annoying people. Kass and Trish tell Jefra that the best chance to win is if they keep Tony around to the end as they will get the votes over him.  Jefra agrees not to flip.  They suspect that Spencer has the idol and agree to vote out Jeremiah.  Tony then swears (again) that he is with the core alliance.

The minority alliance knows the score when Jefra tells Jeremiah that she isn’t with them after all.  She claims that it’s in her best in to remain with her original group. Spencer, Jeremiah and Tasha talk while standing in the water.  Jeremiah admits to the group that he is a fashion model (just google Jeremiah and model).  Tasha says, “No wonder you’re so friggin’ hot”. Spencer tells the group the he has the idol.  Only Jeremiah is unprotected at tribal.  Spencer states that if he “uses this thing wrong, [he] could be kicking [himself] for the rest of [his] life”.

At Tribal Counsel, Tony once again brings his back of tricks.  The jury of Sarah, Morgan and LJ enters. Teams go back and forth but votes aren’t changing. Jeff asks Jefra if she is impressionable and she states that she feels her best chance is to remain with her original alliance.   Spencer looks beside himself.  He tells Jeff that Tony has broken his promises to everyone and should not be trusted.  Spencer tells Trish, Jefra and Kass that if any of them go to the end that Tony will get his vote.  They seem to think they can beat Tony in a vote, which Spencer finds absurd. Grimaces cross their faces.  Trish says she called Tony out and the he’s done with his reckless moves.  Tony agrees.

The vote proceeds. Spencer plays his idol. Morgan in the jury, claps. Tony pulls out his idol, which Spencer says is fake.  After the vote is revealed he puts it back in bag of tricks.  The vote goes along as planned; Jeremiah gets 5 votes and Woo 3.  Jeremiah is the fourth member of the jury.


Once again Tony dominates the episode.  While Jefra toyed with flipping to the minority alliance, she was brought back into the fold by mother hen Trish and Kass.  All in all, things went according to plan.  Tasha continued to dominate challenges, while Kass, Trish, Jefra and Tony proved to be essentially useless in them.

The reward barbecue while initially providing sparks ended up as a dud.  At least the teams were given some sustenance. Jefra proved to be easily manipulated.  As young girl from Kentucky (Miss Teen Kentucky USA) she lacks the cunning nature and life experience of other players.  She is an attractive and relatively sweet girl, but is only a pawn in this game.  Trish and Kass have her firmly under their control and will employ her as they wish.

There are only three players remaining who have a realistic shot of winning this game.  On top of the list is Tony, the mastermind of all of the games interesting moments.  Spencer and Tasha have both proven to be tough competitors throughout the game and have done so while maintaining votes on the jury.  Woo, Kass, Jefra and Trish have virtually no shot to win, as the bottom four players.  The only way Woo wins is if he is in the final with Trish and Jefra.  This is also true for Kass, who at least made one big move.  But in recent episodes she has done nothing and has been dominated by Tony.

If Kass, Woo, Trish or Jefra makes it to the final three with any of the top three (Tony, Tasha or Spencer) they would be lucky to garner a single vote.  Trish and Kass are disliked by several members of the jury and are essentially useless, bit players.  Jefra is a non-entity.  Woo, is Tony’s silent partner but has done nothing of importance in the game.  So for any of the bottom four to have any long shot chance of victory they have to get rid of the top three.

This leads to this week’s survivor power rankings.

1. Tony

2. Spencer

3. Tasha

4. Kass

5. Woo

6. Trish

7. Jefra

From a strategy perspective, it seems obvious that Tony will outsmart himself at some point, although he does have the comfort of the special idol, which he can play after the vote.  His long term problem is that once he reaches the final 4, the alliance of three women can vote him out.  Because they have ridden his coattails for half of the game, their only chance at that juncture will be to eliminate him.  They seem content for now to let him do the dirty work.  But Tony’s Achilles heel is his weakness at challenges.  And I believe at the final 4 he can no longer play his idol to get the finale.  Although this is a special idol, it is unlikely to work in that situation.  If he fails to win the final challenge, he’s finished.  Then and only then will Kass or Trish have a shot.  Jefra, who has made zero moves, will have no chance, unless everyone votes against the other two, which is highly unlikely.  As annoying and useless as Kass has been, she did make at least one game altering move.  This is one more than Jefra or Trish.  Although I have seen no direct evidence of a final three women’s alliance, it seems fairly obvious that this is their intention.  It would be the most logical approach for the three weaker players to band together to vote off the game’s dominant manipulator.

In order to survive, Spencer and Tasha will have to win every challenge, find a new idol or forge a new alliance.  The odds remain low that they will last beyond the next two weeks.  In the preview for episode 10, Spencer makes a last ditch effort to make Tony paranoid.  It appears that he will tell Tony that he overheard one the majority alliance members saying they wanted Tony gone (Jefra?).  The teaser implies that Spencer has tweaked Tony’s paranoia into a game changing move but I’m skeptical this anything but CBS trying to keep viewers interested. The loss of Jeremiah will be huge for the minority alliance and it appears that Spencer or Tasha will be next.  Unless Spencer wins immunity he is likely the next target.  Having played his idol, he remains the target.

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Lilly Allen goes way over top with Sheezus

Once again Lilly Allen delivers with an outlandish send-up in her latest video for the title track of her upcoming Sheezus.  Her tongue seems to be firmly planted in cheek on this one in which compares herself to Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Lorde.  It’s been 5 years since Allen’s last album album and a lot has changed. She’d like to be at the top of the pecking order and be called “Sheezus”.  It is also a riff on Kanye West’s latest “Yeezus”.

Anyway, Lily is back with a vengeance and that is good for all of us.

Cake so delicious Ryan Adams would snort it

Dean Wareham live session at WXPN April 18, 2014


Dean Wareham and group visited WXPN 88.5 in Philadelphia for their Indie Rock Hit Parade Live Session. He performed three songs, “Holding Pattern”, “Heartless People” and Luna’s “Tiger Lilly”.  They can be streamed on Soundcloud.  It sounds is great, Dean is playing an acoustic guitar and the extra guitar is a pleasant reminder of Luna.

The band includes his wife Britta Phillips,  drummer Roger Brogan and guitarist Raymond Richards.





The Black List Episode 119, “The Pavlovich Brothers” – Recap and Analysis – Spoiler Alert


This episode opens at Changzhou Labor Camp, Jiangsu, China.  A young woman is given a shot and quickly falls to the ground, writhing.  Several of the nurses insist she be taken to the hospital.  The military officer nods in assent and she is taken to a waiting truck which is disguised as a business vehicle with lettering on the side.  Another decoy ambulance sits empty but the driver moves it towards the gates thinking it is occupied.

Upon entry of the disguised vehicle, a man in a soldier’s uniform, speak in English to his cell phone, “asset on board”.  She is given electric charges to her chest as if to revive her from cardiac arrest. The disguised vehicle exits the prison.  The driver of the decoy ambulance screams at the guard manning the gates to hurry up (in Chinese).

Back in the infirmary, the military officer suspiciously inspects the syringes.  He then scans the security cameras.  He sees the nurse take a different syringe from the drawer.  He then screams for them to stop the ambulance.  But it’s too late they have escaped, leaving only the empty ambulance.

Aboard the escaped truck, the woman is given a shot of adrenaline and immediately wakes up.  She is told not to worry and that she will be in America by morning and is being taken to Washington DC.  She collapses in relief on the cot.

The scene switches to Kraljevo, Serbia.  A group of nefarious, psychotic looking men sit around a table.  One is on the cell phone, asking, “Where did they take the prisoner?”  He indicates that it is Washington.  The group of contract thugs then laughs and one says, “Hezballah will have to wait”.  They chortle as one says, “Washington, again”.

The scene switches to the home of Elizabeth (“Lizzy”) and Tom Keen.  They are discussing the disappearance of Jolene Parker and Tom’s lost keys.  She was an operative hired by an unknown entity murdered by Tom Keen, who is likely employed by the same entity.  Lizzy tells Tom that the police have a person of interest.  Tom asks who it is but Lizzy says she isn’t sure.  She tells him that they found blood so they suspect murder.  Tom approaches Lizzy, takes her hands, asks her to promise him that she will be careful at work, as he doesn’t want that to happen to her.

Lizzy then meets with Raymond Reddington (“Red”).  He explains to Liz that Tom killed Jolene and that Tom and Jolene worked for the same organization.  He says that Tom is in a vulnerable position which is good.  He then tells her that the Pavlovich Brothers are back in town.

The scene cuts to the FBI control team where they are discussing the Pavlovich Brothers, while displaying their images on the wall.  They are the same “extraction team” that kidnapped the politician’s daughter in (episode 1, “pilot”) while Lizzy was guarding the girl.  Liz explains that Reddington has received information from a money launderer that the Pavlovich Brothers are in DC to kidnap the Chinese dissident, Xiaoping Li, who was smuggled out of the Chinese Labor Camp.  She is an immunologist with knowledge about a secret Chinese weapons program based on infectious diseases.  She is to arrive in an hour and will be directly escorted to Langley for a debriefing.  The FBI team including Meera, Ressler and Cooper agree to alter her travel route.  She will be escorted to the FBI Command center instead.

The team arrives at the drop off location but the smuggler indicates that the route has been compromised and a helicopter waits on the roof.  They hear bullets being fired and quickly realize that The Pavlovich Brothers have commandeered the asset.  They take her away via helicopter.

The team reconvenes at FBI control to discuss the situation.  Agent Keen notes the helicopter has been discovered at the likely drop off area.  Meera explains to Cooper the importance of the intelligence from this asset.  It related to Chinese germ warfare projects and would be the intelligence coup of the decade.  Thus, the Chinese hired the Pavlovich Brothers to bring her back to China.

Reddington calls Agent Keen.  She meets with him in a car watching her husband Tom who has called in sick to work.  Red has Tom followed by a woman pushing a baby carriage and a series of other operatives.  Agent Keen then follows Tom,  who carries a briefcase into the building.  Tom meets with his contact but gets spooked and calls it off.  The other man, a well-dressed African America, leaves holding a green document satchel and enters a waiting car.  Photographs are taken of the vehicle.

The scene moves to the Pavlovich Brothers discussing “the boat” and how long it will take, while Li sits handcuffed on the floor, in a dark warehouse.  Li scratches something on the wall.  One of the Pavlovich Brothers fiddles with an oxygen mask and tank.

Lizzy arrives home to a waiting Tom who has opened a bottle of wine.  He is preparing dinner, cancelling their plans to go out for Thai food.  He has been in the basement and has found the old music box that Red gave her.  Lizzy seems nervous and unsure if he is going to strike her.  He makes up a lie about work but says he was at the National Archives and thought he saw her.  She lies and says she wishes it was her but that she in the office all day.  Tom leaves, claiming to walk the dog, but leaves him inside the hallway, causing Lizzy to hear the dog scratching on the door.

Tom destroys his cellphone and uses a pay phone.  He calls Bantam Finance, which is a cover for his clandestine operation.  He tells the operator that, “Mockingbird knows” and requests and “immediate evac”.  He hangs up and walks away.

Lizzy then meets with Reddington, and tells him that her husband is gone.  Red replies that he never existed.  She expresses self-doubt and remorse that she chose Tom to love and marry, when it was a lie from the beginning. Red tells her that if she wants to find the Pavlovich Brothers, she needs to find out where they have been.

Agent Keen then returns to the FBI where they decide to do a deep dive analysis of the chopper that the Pavlovich Brothers used.  Red and his cohort Dembe track the limo driver who picked up Tom Keen’s contact.  They demand he tell them where they dropped him.  The contact is at a local college, where Red confronts him and examines the green bag, which contains a book.  The man claims he is just a messenger and knows nothing about what he delivers.  Red asks the man to provide him a list of the addresses of all of his deliveries.  The man complies and Red tells him to deliver this book according to his employer’s wishes.

The FBI locates a possible staging site for the chopper.  Red trails Tom Keen to one of the drop off sites the messenger listed.  Lizzy tells Red via cell that she will handle Tom.  Li is loaded into a storage crate with the mask and oxygen tank, presumably to be shipped.  Red appears at the scene and introduces himself to the Pavlovich Brothers. The FBI arrives on the scene but Li and the Pavlovich Brothers are gone.  Agents Keen and Ressler notice Li’s writing on the wall.

A couple of guards tell a disheveled man to get away from a dumpster outside a windowless building.  The man drops a garbage bag and walks away.  He then makes a call on his cell phone and triggers a bomb which explodes in the dumpster.  Inside Tom Keen is worried by the blast.  It seems Red has hired the Pavlovich Brothers to extract Tom Keen!

Keen is then loaded into fortified sports car with a similar trailing vehicle and driven out of the windowless facility.  The second car is smashed by a truck.  The Pavlovich Brothers surround keen and he comes out of the car with hands raised.  Agent Keen returns home to see the Pavlovich Brothers in her kitchen.  Reddington has delivered Tom Keen, hands bound with rope and mouth duct taped.  The brothers leave and Agent Keen has her chance to finally get answers from her husband.

Lizzy then lectures Tom about what she has done with him.  He says he was just doing his job.  He remembers the moment when she wrote a heart in the dust on his shoes as the moment he knew that he had her.  Lizzy realizes that he has never loved her.

Lizzy calls Red after the FBI team cracks Li’s message and guesses she is being shipped.  Red denies using her knowledge for personal gain and says he could not get Li, just Tom.  Red tells her that Ralph Cisco is the man with knowledge of smuggling operations and the FBI follows up. The Pavlovich Brothers begin loading Li’s crate onto a cargo ship when the FBI arrives and a gun battle ensues.  The FBI SWAT Team shoots the Pavlovich Brothers and rescues Li.

Liz asks Tom who he works for but he refuses to answer.  She then uses pliers to break his fingers.  Tom then escapes from the handcuffs, as Lizzy has broken his thumb permitting him to wriggle free.  They begin to battle, destroying furniture.  They struggle for Lizzy’s gun but Tom grabs it.  He orders her to handcuff herself to the bannister.

In a shocking revelation, Tom tells her that he is there to protect her, not hurt her.  He tells her to take the key that she found in the lamp to Radford Bank to open a safe deposit box.  He tells her that Reddington is not who she thinks he is.  Tom says good bye and leaves.  Red waits outside Lizzy’s apartment and indicates that his men will follow Tom.

Back at the FBI, Li explains the White Fog project and the agents discuss Agent Keen’s absence.  Red then enters Lizzy’s apartment and tells her he is trailing Tom.  Red tries to cheer Lizzy up saying she deserves the best.  Lizzy takes the key and goes to the safe deposit box, which she opens.  She looks at a picture, which the audience cannot see, as a look of realization crosses her face.


The long awaited confrontation with Tom Keen finally goes down.  Unfortunately, it led only to more questions.  If Tom is telling the truth and he is not there to hurt Lizzy but rather protect her, then why did he murder Jolene Parker?  Nothing about Tom has actually been revealed, other than the fact that he lied about their relationship for two years was paid by somebody to marry her.

As far as Tom’s assertion that Red is not who she thinks he is, it seems to me that this is pretty clearly a reference to Red being her father.  Red has withheld this information from Lizzy, presumably to protect her.  My guess is that the picture she sees in the safe deposit box at the end of the episode shows her with Red as a baby, possibly with her mother as well.  Her realization is that Red is indeed her father.

I would expect Tom to resurface quickly and certainly in time for the season finale. We still have no idea who employs him and have no reason to trust anything that he says, as he has lied to her for over two years. He may be trying to drive a wedge between her and Red and playing a long game rather than trying to kill her, which would only enrage Reddington and inspire retribution.

Tom was likely hired to use her to get to Red by an outside party.  The possibility exists, however, that Red hired Tom to protect Lizzy until he could earn her trust.  Now that he has become a part of her life Tom has been dispatched.  I’m not saying I fully support this theory but it cannot be ruled out.  Regardless, Tom has been hired to get close to Lizzy (by someone) and does not love her.

There must also be further revelations concerning the Red/Lizzy relationship, starting with picture.  Their relationship remains murky but she has many more reasons to trust Red than Tom.  Tom’s exit, unfortunately, raises more questions than it answers. The Mr. and Mrs. Keen saga ended not with a bang, but a whimper.  I’m sure we will learn more about Tom, Red and Liz in the final few episodes of the season.

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Bates Motel Season 2, Episode 8, “Meltdown” Recap and Analysis – Spoiler Alert


As this episode begins, Norma’s eyes open in bed. She gets up to look for Norman in his room but he is not there.   He is down in office, cleaning up and getting the Bates Motel ready to open.  Sheriff Romero, fresh off the news of Norman’s DNA match with the murdered Blair Watson, walks into the office.  There is an air of tension as Romero gets coffee.  He tells Norman that the cream thermos is empty.  Norman offers to get more but Romero declines, saying he will drink it black.   Romero leaves.

Norma comes down to the office but Norman runs back up to the house to get cream to refill the coffee station.  Soon, she is accosted by Nick Ford, who stops by to ask Norma to request that her son Dylan set up a meeting with him immediately.  Ford explains to an unaware Norma that Dylan works for the competing marijuana business in White Pine Bay and that it is important that he meet with Dylan immediately to discuss the situation.  At the end of episode 7, Zane Morgan’s men raided Ford’s operations but Dylan refused to participate.  Zane then knocked Dylan unconscious.

Dylan wakes up outside Ford’s warehouse, hearing police sirens.  He groggily gets up and walks away unnoticed and heads to Zane’s sister, Jodi Wilson’s house.  She runs her family’s marijuana business. Romero enters the crime scene, which is littered with Ford’s dead workers.  Marijuana is strewn about the facility.  Romero demands that his police officers find Zane Morgan but take him alive.

At Jodi Wilson’s house, Dylan is ushered through the gates by armed guards.  He goes inside to meet with Jodi and finds Zane there as well.  They discuss the reaction to their raid on Nick Ford’s operations.  Dylan and Jodi suggest that Zane lay low for a while and go into hiding at an undisclosed location.

In response to her conversation with Ford, Norma asks Emma where Dylan works.  Emma tells her and Norma then heads to the Morgan family marijuana operation.  She is let into the building and walks back to Dylan’s “office” a makeshift area in this warehouse on the docks.  Norma informs Dylan that Nick Ford wants to meet with him.  He refuses.  Norma kisses Dylan as she leaves the facility.

After Norma returns home, George stops by to tell her that work on the bypass has been halted due to an environmental impact study.  He then asks her over to his house for dinner, explaining he wants to take their relationship to the romantic level, friendship is not enough.

Dylan gets pulled over by Sheriff Romero.  Romero tells Dylan to get out of the car, and he complies.  Romero demands that Dylan tell him where Zane Gordon is.  Dylan says he doesn’t know and that he didn’t approve of Gordon’s actions.  Romero threatens to kill Dylan if doesn’t help and lets him go.

Norman shows Norma his creepy taxidermy.  He has stuffed a large hawk and a small bird which he has placed on the mantle.  Norma doesn’t like it and ask Norman if he is mad at her.  He says the birds are an act of love.

Romero knocks on the door of the Bates house.  He asks Norman to come down to the Motel with him to help him fix the curtain rod in his bathroom, which has become dislodged.  They chat amicably until Romero asks Norman about his relationship with his murdered former teacher, Blair Watson.  Norman says that he did not see her outside of school.  Romero knows this is a lie and gets Norman to agree that he did see her outside of school property.  Romero then asks Norman if he slept with her.  Romero explains that she slept with a lot of dangerous men.  Norman denies that he slept with her and storms out.

The following day Nick Ford stops by the house to see Norma.  While Norma is out, Norman and Ford chat.  Ford asks about his relationship with Norma and Norman says that they are close.  For then asks why Norman took pictures of him in the graveyard.  Norman tells him that he was there because of his teacher Miss Watson, whom he liked very much. Ford then states Blair Watson was his daughter and that he was there to visit her grave.  He regrets that they had a falling out.  He explains to Norman that the Eric that he heard her arguing with on her phone was just his employee.

When Norma arrives, Ford gets down to business.  He demands to see Dylan and Norma refuses, saying she doesn’t know where he works.  She tells Ford she is not beholden to her.  He begs to differ, explaining that he got her the council seat (and murdered Councilman Berman).  AS Norma throws him out of her house, Ford threatens her, stating that she is making a mistake.  Norman overhears their conversation.

Norma then leaves the house to have dinner with George.  Dylan calls Nick Ford to arrange a meeting after all.  The will meet at a small pizzeria in a neighboring town.  Norma, feeling sick about her problems with Norma, walks out on George.  She explains to him that she isn’t the person she thinks he is, and that she barely graduated high school let alone college.  George attended Brown University, an Ivy League institution.

Dylan meets with Nick Ford at the agreed upon restaurant.  Ford tells Dylan that he must kills Zane Morgan or that he will put the entire Bates family in danger.  Dylan refuses and threatens to kill Ford.  He tells Ford to stay away from Norma.

At the police station, Lin informs Romero that Cal Miller has been convicted of the murder of Blair Watson.  Lin tells Sheriff Romero that Norman’s DNA is a match which could exculpate Miller.  Romero gets angry and tells Lin that she did not have the authority to send Norman’s DNA to the database for matching and that he will kill her if she reveals Norman’s DNA match.

Norma returns home to speak with Norman but it doesn’t go well.  They get into a heated argument. Norman tells Norma he no longer trusts her due to the secrets about his condition which she continues to hide from him.  He tells her he wants to be alone.  He runs upstairs and locks his bedroom doors, shutting out Norma.  Norma is angry at first, pounding on his doors, screaming.  She then oddly relents and leaves the house.  She returns to George’s house and seduces him.  She spends the night.

Dylan goes back to Jodi Wilson’s house.  They discuss Zane’s dangerous antics and Jodi hugs Dylan. She tells him can take whatever action is necessary to stop Zane (implying he can kill him).

As Norman closes down the Motel for the night, Romero confronts him again about Blair Watson.  Romero demands the truth from Norman but Norman refuses to answer.  He then runs back to the house in the rain, with a look of great disturbance on his face.  He grabs Miss Watson’s pearls and obituary which he keeps under his bed.  He appears to pray.

Norman then hears a noise and goes downstairs to investigate.  He calls out for his mother but gets no response.  As he searches the house, a strange man overcomes Norman from behind, covering his face with a chloroform laden cloth.

Norma’s eyes open again, this time in George’s bed. The episode ends.


In this episode, the corrupt small town of White Pine Bay begins to close in on the Bates family.  There are several more shocking revelations.

Dylan, it turns out, is on the wrong side of the local marijuana war.  Nick Ford is the most powerful man in town and not obeying his orders leads to trouble.  Even though Dylan did not actually assist Zane in his assault on Ford’s operations he is being found guilty by association.  His only recourse it seems is to murder Zane Morgan and broker a deal with between Jodi Wilson and Ford.  Jodi Wilson’s tacit admission that she would let Dylan kill her brother Zane, also puts pressure on Dylan to pull the trigger on Ford’s request to murder Zane.  Although Romero said he wants Zane alive, I get the feeling that he would not be upset if Dylan took him out.  Romero probably just wants to do it himself.

Norman’s relationship with Norma continues to deteriorate.  Her refusal to answer his questions about his condition (blackouts) has driven a wedge between them.  Norman feels angry and betrayed.  Sheriff Romero continues to press Norman about Miss Watson’s murder, which Norman committed during one of his blackouts.  Although it appears that Norman does not have any direct memory of this event, he seems to harbor subconscious guilt and fears that he is somehow responsible.  As Romero begins to close in on Norman, he does not have his mother to provide counsel.  He is truly alone and in danger of being held accountable by Romero for her murder.  The irony is that Romero would rather not reopen the case, as there has already been a conviction.  All Norman would have to do is admit that he slept with Blair Watson and he would be cleared.  Yet, he is incapable of handling the situation.

Although he seems to be handling the situation with Norman discretly, Sheriff Romero has otherwise been exposed as completely corrupt.  He routinely ignores even the most basic police procedure and has now resorted to direct threats of murder to his staff and Dylan.  The town of White Pine Bay is his private fiefdom and rule of law does not exist beyond his discretion. Who would expect such a quiet, picturesque town to be seething with corruption.

Nick Ford has also been revealed to be a violent and dangerous man who will murder and threaten all who oppose him.  It is highly likely that he was responsible for Norman’s disappearance; Norman’s kidnapping was presumably committed by one of Ford’s henchmen.  Ford has delivered on his threat to harm Norma’s family.  Norma will have to work out some kind of deal with Ford (probably having Dylan murder Zane) to get Norman released.

With only two episodes left, the tension is building towards a riveting season finale.  Thankfully, the show has been renewed for a third season.  Ten episodes is such a short season, it goes too quickly.  It does make for more interesting, action packed episodes, though.

Jesse Pinkman offers to bring pizza for Arcade Fire, they accept